Saturday, 17 April 2010

Time for a Folksy Freebie!

Ok, so today has been such a glorious day that I have been "making hay whilst the sun shines" so to speak. Which means I have been busy beading and listed new pretty things.

To celebrate, I have decided to do a freebie offer, available until the end of April.
Basically, with any purchase, you can choose yourself a free pair of gumball crackle glass earrings.
You have a choice of colours, all shown below, although I only have limited numbers of each colour.

Going clockwise from the top, there is:
Pale turquoise/clear two-tone
Mid Blue
Yellow/Green two-tone
Bright Orange
Red/Clear two-tone
Pink/Clear two-tone
Chocolate/Clear two-tone
Rich Purple
Lilac/turquoise two-tone

All you need to do is either drop me a note through paypal with your payment or PM me with your colour choice and I'll include a pair in your package.

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  1. Better link to my shop! oops!