Sunday, 30 May 2010


I'm going to be really self-indulgent today and showcase a bundle of the items for sale in my shop! All gorgeous and unique, even if I do say so myself.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Lazy Days

Well, it is officially the Bank Holiday weekend now work is done for the day. My plan....laze about all weekend! It's so sunny and there's nothing that can't wait. So, in honour of lazy days, here's my Folksy Friday finds for this week!

Lazy Daisies by Midget Gem Beads
Blindfold by 4GetMeNot
Cafetiere Cosy by Mouthy Mitts
Lazy Sunday Afternoon Kitten Print by E J Hillson
Lazy Daisy Childs Hat by Blossom Tree

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Giving Some Love Back

All this month I have been playing along in a little club called the May Mayhemmers where Folksy Folk list an item a day as part of some collective promotion. Every day without fail, the devoted Natalie Ofkants has been blogging about everyone's listings over at
If you aren't following her yet, you really should be!
So, as she has featured a whole bundle of my items, it's time to give back. The following are some of the gorgeous goods available right now in her Folksy shop. Click the pictures to find out more about each item.

You can also check out today's May Mayhemmer's listings at
There's a thread for each day and all of them have been packed with gorgeousness!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

My Current Favourite Make

I made this bracelet a short while ago and I thought I'd show it off to you all. I'm crazy about tibetan silver....has a much heavier looking quality than sterling and not so shiny...more natural looking. These lovely leaves are really chunky and were just asking to be linked into a chain. From there, the rest of the design just flowed. I grabbed up some purple beads from my stash and got to work. The little clusters are all different. They feature some very small clear, silver and purple czech glass beads, then each cluster also got a larger bead. I used a glass faux pearl, piece of fluorite, more czech glass as well as crackle and millifiore glass beads. The clasp attaches to a short extender chain which carries another little cluster, so placed to add a little weight to the extender which makes the clasp much easier to fasten with just one hand. I think this is a gorgeous piece and I hope you like it too.

A Homebrew Adventure

A few weeks back, Dave spotted a whole range of homebrew stuff in our local supermarket. His eyes lit up and he got all excited, but decided to leave emptyhanded and have a think about it. The thought of tasty beer made by his own fair hands has not left him and so yesterday, with a few pennies burning a hole in his pocket, we were back in said supermarket. We left with a kit and the feeling that this could either go really well, or be a complete disaster.
As soon as we were home, he had the box open and was investigating the contents, making sure it was all there and seeing what ingredients we would need. Sugar required......some digging at the back of my baking cupboard solved that issue! Teppic took the opportunity to investigate in the cupboard then came to sniff round the big plastic tub that looked like a perfect new bed for him.
So, late this morning with all the bits assembled, we started work. First there was some steralising to do...a necessary evil I suppose. Then the fun started.
It needed 3.5litres of boiling water....but my kettle isn't that big!! So, while the can of malted barley goop sat in a sink of hot water to soften up, the kettle plus two large saucepans of water went on to boil.
The malted barley goop can was opened and the scent was something to knock you off your feet. A cross between horlicks and treacle. Looked like treacle too, and glooped slowly from the can into the brewing bucket. Once the bulk of the sticky viscous stuff was out of the can, in went the boiling water and sugar. Then a good stir!

Now, cold water was required to top the brew bucket up to a full batch. The smell of warm malty stuff was enough to draw Teppic away from his sunny spot to investigate.

All topped up, the yeast went in. One last big stir, and the concoction is complete. It now sits, under the stairs, magic working. Next Saturday we shall find out if it is success or failure!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Big Up the Newbies - Folksy Friday

We were all newbies once, so this week I want to big up the newbies I've found in the Folksy Forums today. They are all looking for that first sale, and with these items, they shouldn't be waiting long! Lots of lovely new items for you to drool over!

Items from:
Starlight Jewellery
Blossom Tree
Forest Flower
Fresh n Funky Cards
The Cookie Button

Friday, 7 May 2010

Folksy Friday - May Mayhem

So, this weekend for me promises to be mayhem....Nephew's birthday tomorrow and off to Newcastle Sunday to help out with my second lighting! Will be riggin and playing with lights all day and catching up with all my lovely friends up in the Toon. So, what better subject for my Folksy Friday this week than some of the items being listed recently by the mad mayhemmers on Folksy. All have been listed in May, so are fresh and take a look!

Lovely Silk Purse by Hats Outrageous
Red Felt Flower Hair Clip by Mushy Makes
Black and White Bracelet by Buttons and Beads
Forest Blossom Green Garland Necklace by Mildunkley Beads
Wedding Card by Clairez Cardz
Owl Coin Purse by Eva B Designs

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fab FIMO update

Just a quick one to update you on my fab FIMO. I have now managed to get most of the items I made with my beads listed in my Folksy shops. Here are just two of them....Click on the pictures to go check them out!

Monday, 3 May 2010


Teppic, originally uploaded by sweetpyroangel.

I know many of you have cats....I would love to be introduced to them all. This is Teppic. He's about seven, a shorthaired black moggie. He has taken to sitting on top of the fridge freezer when he isn't out basking in the sun. He rules the roost and I love him.
Please drop me a link to your kitties.....

Sunday, 2 May 2010


In the great scheme of things, I'm a FIMO novice. However, I've always enjoyed playing around with the stuff. I'll never be really good, but I am improving my skills. I decided to spend an afternoon with my box full of the stuff yesterday as I wanted some beads in my stash that I can say I made.
So, I softened up a bundle of colours of clay and fired up my pasta machine. These beads are the result. I'm very proud of them, so much so that I have already used about half the beads I made. I think they look fab....and hope you do too.