Friday, 30 April 2010

Folksy Friday...Getting Organised

A little late in the day this Friday.....what with work then groceries today....but better late then never!
Well, I'm awful at being organised, but now I'm on Folksy, I'm finding that I need to be.
I'm normally the sort of person with clutter room a state.....accounts waiting to be done....maybe if I had a few of these gorgeous items, life would be a little easier.

Blue Daisy Patterned Memo Board by Dreamstar
Patterned Pegs by Muddy Puddle Crafts
Rainbow Paperclip Earrings by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes
Bookmark - Giant Paperclip Style by Bookity
Kawaii Cherries Notebook by Asking for Trouble
Set of 6 Cats Magnets/Drawing Pins by Little Silverleaf

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My most favourite make

I really want to introduce you all to my most favourite recent make.

I love making charm style bracelets and I love the way they look on just as much. They are really easy to put together once you get the hang of it and you can really go wild. I've been making them for more years than I care to recall, but this one is my best to date. I've always enjoyed using kitsch, everyday items in my jewellery and have been doing rock chick plectrum pieces for some time now, but when I saw these rainbow coloured ones in my local music shop, an idea sprung to mind. I alway keep a large stash of gorgeous beads in pretty much every colour under the sun, so with a quick root through my collection, I came up with some perfectly matched beads to go with the plectrums. Then it was just a matter of time, drilling holes in the plectrums, arranging them onto the black chain then attaching the beads using headpins with wrapped loops. The retro guitar charm I had in my stash finishes the bracelet off perfectly. This sort of bracelet is absolutely suitable for begineers and you can go wild with the beads and charms you use for a really one of a kind piece.
Hope you love it like I do!!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Folksy Friday

Ok, so I turn the page on my day-by-day desk calender this morning for it to tell me today in St George's Day. So, what better subject for my folksy friday post this week than the symbol of England...the red rose.
There are so many gorgeous items to browse through on this theme, but here are my top picks:
Red Rose Necklace

Gorgeous crochet red rose scarf

A really sweet beaded rose

Some rose and sandlewood soap

and a gorgeous, lacy gothic corsage

Saturday, 17 April 2010

How To Make Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks

Just a quick tutorial on how to make one of my favourite makes - beaded ribbon bookmarks

Gather together the following:
Two large glass beads (around 20mm are a good size)
Four 2mm silver plated spacer beads
Two 50mm silver plated headpins
Two ribbon crimps
A length of co-ordinating ribbon, long enough to fit in your book, leaving a bit of loose ribbon either end
Attach the ribbon crimps to each end of the ribbon, using your pliers to fold over the edges to crimp the ribbon tightly

The ribbon should now look like this:

Thread the headpins, one at a time with a spacer then a glass bead then a spacer. Use you pliers (round nose ones are good here) to form a half loop about 2-3mm above the top spacer.

Thread the ribbon crimp onto the headpin loop

Close the half loop round into a full loop

Using one pair of plier to hold the loop, use another pair to wind the end of the headpin around in a spiral around the gap you left above the spacer bead

Repeat with the other headpin and beads on the other end of the ribbon for a complete bookmark!

Really easy! - Enjoy!


To save you the hassle of making one, click the pictures below to buy one!

Time for a Folksy Freebie!

Ok, so today has been such a glorious day that I have been "making hay whilst the sun shines" so to speak. Which means I have been busy beading and listed new pretty things.

To celebrate, I have decided to do a freebie offer, available until the end of April.
Basically, with any purchase, you can choose yourself a free pair of gumball crackle glass earrings.
You have a choice of colours, all shown below, although I only have limited numbers of each colour.

Going clockwise from the top, there is:
Pale turquoise/clear two-tone
Mid Blue
Yellow/Green two-tone
Bright Orange
Red/Clear two-tone
Pink/Clear two-tone
Chocolate/Clear two-tone
Rich Purple
Lilac/turquoise two-tone

All you need to do is either drop me a note through paypal with your payment or PM me with your colour choice and I'll include a pair in your package.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Cats do the daftest things...

...So a little more about Teppic....this is he
We've had him a few years and wouldn't be without him.
He takes on the neighbourhood cats, but runs away from birds, even the little yellow-tits.
He's just as daft as any other cat. He's loving the sunshine at the moment, chasing bugs around the back garden and rolling in the grass. He's taken to hanging out on top of the fridge freezer too, and this funny forward roll into a full body stretch.

So, I am inspired to show you some cat themed things in my "Folksy Friday":
Of course, there's pussygalore's sock cats
A sweet kitty doorstop
This lovely brooch
and some cat badges

Of course, I have some lovely kitty earrings in my own shop
and these are soon to be listed

I have a special mention to make also. These pretty glass suncatchers are great in this sunshine

I will try to figure out posting images for next time around!
Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My first post

Hi All,
This is my first time blogging, so please be gentle with me.
I suppose for starters, I'll introduce myself. I'm Lisa aka 'sweetpyroangel'. I'm 29 yrs old and work as an Engineer in Warrington. I have a gorgeous bloke called Dave and a cute black kitty called Teppic. My two main interests are theatre and jewellery, and it's the jewellery I'm here to tell you about.
I make lots of lovely little trinkets and I can be found on
Please check out my shop - it's stuff with lots of good things
I'm also on facebook, my page can be found here!/pages/Pyroangels-Sweet-Trinkets/105868962785374
Feel free to come by and make friends with me!

Now for some of the other lovely things you can find on folksy....
These are my current favourites
Really sweet sock bunnies
Oodles of shabby chic
Gorgeous greetings cards

That's it for now, I'll be back soon.....x