Saturday, 17 April 2010

How To Make Beaded Ribbon Bookmarks

Just a quick tutorial on how to make one of my favourite makes - beaded ribbon bookmarks

Gather together the following:
Two large glass beads (around 20mm are a good size)
Four 2mm silver plated spacer beads
Two 50mm silver plated headpins
Two ribbon crimps
A length of co-ordinating ribbon, long enough to fit in your book, leaving a bit of loose ribbon either end
Attach the ribbon crimps to each end of the ribbon, using your pliers to fold over the edges to crimp the ribbon tightly

The ribbon should now look like this:

Thread the headpins, one at a time with a spacer then a glass bead then a spacer. Use you pliers (round nose ones are good here) to form a half loop about 2-3mm above the top spacer.

Thread the ribbon crimp onto the headpin loop

Close the half loop round into a full loop

Using one pair of plier to hold the loop, use another pair to wind the end of the headpin around in a spiral around the gap you left above the spacer bead

Repeat with the other headpin and beads on the other end of the ribbon for a complete bookmark!

Really easy! - Enjoy!


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  1. If you prefer a readymade version, I always stock a few glass bead ribbon bookmarks at .
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