Saturday, 10 September 2011

Have you seen these....?

Really fancy showing these earrings off today. I perfected the technique a while ago and have sold quite a number of pairs in different colours, but I happened to list some yesterday in my shiny new Etsy store, so I thought I'd let you all know.
I've been a huge fan of theatre for the last 20 years, training in and working in backstage disciplines all this time, especially in lighting. It was this passion for back stage theatre that lead me to design these really unusual earrings. They upcycle one of the key materials used in stage lighting - the coloured filter that goes in front of a lantern to colour the light. I upcycle new sheets of this film however....I don't reuse used bits.
I carefully choose co-ordinating colours that work well together, something that years of lighting design has taught me how to do. Once I have a good match, I die-cut the pieces and assemble into a gorgeous cascade design that floats and dances.
This pair is my favourite as it uses such vibrant colours. I hope you like them too!