Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My most favourite make

I really want to introduce you all to my most favourite recent make.

I love making charm style bracelets and I love the way they look on just as much. They are really easy to put together once you get the hang of it and you can really go wild. I've been making them for more years than I care to recall, but this one is my best to date. I've always enjoyed using kitsch, everyday items in my jewellery and have been doing rock chick plectrum pieces for some time now, but when I saw these rainbow coloured ones in my local music shop, an idea sprung to mind. I alway keep a large stash of gorgeous beads in pretty much every colour under the sun, so with a quick root through my collection, I came up with some perfectly matched beads to go with the plectrums. Then it was just a matter of time, drilling holes in the plectrums, arranging them onto the black chain then attaching the beads using headpins with wrapped loops. The retro guitar charm I had in my stash finishes the bracelet off perfectly. This sort of bracelet is absolutely suitable for begineers and you can go wild with the beads and charms you use for a really one of a kind piece.
Hope you love it like I do!!

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