Saturday, 15 May 2010

A Homebrew Adventure

A few weeks back, Dave spotted a whole range of homebrew stuff in our local supermarket. His eyes lit up and he got all excited, but decided to leave emptyhanded and have a think about it. The thought of tasty beer made by his own fair hands has not left him and so yesterday, with a few pennies burning a hole in his pocket, we were back in said supermarket. We left with a kit and the feeling that this could either go really well, or be a complete disaster.
As soon as we were home, he had the box open and was investigating the contents, making sure it was all there and seeing what ingredients we would need. Sugar required......some digging at the back of my baking cupboard solved that issue! Teppic took the opportunity to investigate in the cupboard then came to sniff round the big plastic tub that looked like a perfect new bed for him.
So, late this morning with all the bits assembled, we started work. First there was some steralising to do...a necessary evil I suppose. Then the fun started.
It needed 3.5litres of boiling water....but my kettle isn't that big!! So, while the can of malted barley goop sat in a sink of hot water to soften up, the kettle plus two large saucepans of water went on to boil.
The malted barley goop can was opened and the scent was something to knock you off your feet. A cross between horlicks and treacle. Looked like treacle too, and glooped slowly from the can into the brewing bucket. Once the bulk of the sticky viscous stuff was out of the can, in went the boiling water and sugar. Then a good stir!

Now, cold water was required to top the brew bucket up to a full batch. The smell of warm malty stuff was enough to draw Teppic away from his sunny spot to investigate.

All topped up, the yeast went in. One last big stir, and the concoction is complete. It now sits, under the stairs, magic working. Next Saturday we shall find out if it is success or failure!

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  1. We have made a homebrew too. Our last attempt did not taste good. But the one that's going at the moment is doing pretty well. I hope yours turns out nicely!