Friday, 4 June 2010

Over The Rainbow - Folksy Friday

I may dress in black most of the time....but secretly I love bright colours. Walking back from the train station today I noticed that so many people's front gardens have now come out in bloom...I think the warm weather has encouraged this blossoming. Along my route there were so many different varieties of flowers in a whole rainbow of colours and this got me thinking about one of my favourite things.....rainbows. So, I thought I'd go hunt out some rainbow themed items for my Folksy Friday this week.....

Rainbow Tiara by Funkitup
Rainbow Coasters by GlassInferno
Rainbow Bag by AstroJill
Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt by Sue Sewn and Hels
Rainbow the Sock Bunny by Widget and Friends
Rainbow Cats by Quernus Crafts


  1. Lovely bright finds- love the coasters!

  2. I am such a fan of rainbows! I'm with Gemma - the coasters are just beautiful!

    Thanks for picturing my wee Rainbow Cats :)

    Kirsten xx

  3. Lovely Bright Colurs, fab blog

    Max x

  4. Great picks! Kirsten's Rainbow Cats are even better in the flesh! :)

  5. I like bright colours - that quilt and the coasters would look great together in my conservatory!