Friday, 11 June 2010

I'm Proud to be an Engineer - Folksy Friday

I'm just coming up to my annual appraisal at work....and also I turn 30 next month, so this week I have been doing a fair bit of pondering. I'm a Chemical Engineer by trade and as it turns out, I'm quite proud to be one.
When you come up against a big milestone, like turning 30/40/50 etc, you tend to reflect on the events of the past decade and what you have acheived. Turns out I've done quite a bit with my last decade. I've shared the majority of it with my BF and intend to share many more decades with him. We've bought a house, sold that house and bought a second house. Due to the recession, we now rent out the second house while we live many miles away.....itching to move back to it though. Oh, and we have a gorgeous geordie cat we aquired a couple of years ago.
I graduated uni almost 9 years ago now. I'm on my fourth employer and have a huge variety of things through those 4 jobs. I've aquired a huge line of initials behind my name and even a posh title to go infront of it....but I don't like to show off about those. I've learnt so many things which I am now starting to share with those who are just at the start of their careers.....
So, for all the engineers and geeks out there....this Folksy Friday is for you!

First up is a really funky memory stick from Tree Gems

Next is this cute T-Shirt from Clever Ferret

A geeky resin pendant from Spoilt Pig

Chocolate Bar Wrapper from Sizzling Science

and a cute iPhone case by EgoorEngland



  1. Very cool items! Love Spoilt Pigs bits of motherboard resin pendant. x

  2. Great finds! Love the chocolate wrapper

  3. Nice unusual bits.

    Would love you to add yourself to my blog, have only just started out, so quite a newby.
    xx chrissy